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We are tired of all the misinformation from Water Filtration Companies. Cleanwater.com is a website dedicated to inform consumers about the truth of water.

We provide accurate analysis for each product, ranging from Whole-House Water Systems to Bottled Water. The research materials that we gather are from trustworthy, third-party sources; we try to avoid using dubious information given to us from companies whose main goal is not to inform the consumers, but to generate leads for a sale.
Top-Selling Whole House Water Filters Choose Comparisons
Water System Brand: Pelican PC600Aquasana EQ-300LifeSource 1620Kinetico Q237-77RainSoft QRS 1054 E W S
Removes Chlorine & Chemicalsyes - 99.9% yes - 99.9% yes - 99.9% yes - 99.9% yes - 99.9% yes - 99.9%
Retains Healthy Mineralsyes no yes no yes yes
Testing & Certification
(Certified Capacity)
no UL WQA none WQA none
Automatic Self Cleaningno no yes yes yes yes
Certified Capacity0 300,000 Gal. 2,228,396 Gal. 0 200,000 Gal 0
Claimed Filter Capacity600,000 Gal. 300,000 Gal. 2,228,396 Gal. 700,000 Gal. 200,000 Gal 1,000,000 Gal.
Total Monthly Cost (Based on 15-year Ownership)$27.98/Month $44.41/month $21.05/month $52.22/month $118.75/month $35.37/month
Total Cost of 15-year Ownership*$5,037 $7,995 $3,390 $9,400 $21,375 $6,366.25

Average monthly cost is based on a family usage of 100,000 gallons of water per year multiplied by a 15-year service life. Also included in the cost, if applicable, is a $600 installation fee per system.

The information comes directly from certification forms provided by independent third party groups. If there was no third party verification provided, we used the claims they made on their websites. The independent resources we focused on include the Water Quality Association, the Underwriters Laboratories, and the National Sanitation Foundation.

Our research was conducted by studying detailed information about different consumer water products. We tried to look at the most popular options in the market to help make it easier for consumers to make a decision. Most consumers lack the time or knowledge of what to look for in certification statements, so we have compiled our findings in the chart above.

Water Softeners Water Filter Drinking Water
Using a softener to remove iron in naturally soft water is not advised. When the resin is filled to capacity, it must be recharged. Fully automatic softeners regenerate on a preset schedule and return to service automatically. However, the regeneration process wastes twice the amount of water used. Read More...
A whole house water filter is one of the best ways you can prevent unclean water from ever entering your home. A whole house water filter works by removing sediments, lead and other compounds that cause spotting or scaling. The resulting water is far superior in quality to that which first entered your home. Read More...
How much water should a person drink daily? a simple question with no simple answer. Various studies have produced recommendations on how much water should a person drink every day, but in truth, your water intake will depend on many factors, including where you live, your health, and your activity level. Read More...

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